Varieties of vegetables that can be grown indoors

 Many people prefer to grow some types of vegetables and fruits indoors, in order to ensure that they are fresh and of high quality, and to give a refreshing natural atmosphere at home thanks to their beautiful shape and help in the photosynthesis process. As well as its importance to human health and its role in providing his body with all nutrients from minerals, vitamins and dietary fibers to maintain the health and safety of his digestive system.

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Therefore, today we wanted to discuss and talk about some of the most important vegetables that can be grown indoors, their agricultural seasons, and the way to grow each type separately, namely.


The first vegetables that can be grown indoors, a distinctive plant that can be planted from August to February, its commercial seed varieties vary, as farmers collect seeds with each other, which are difficult to separate when planting. It has a long maturation period that may take two and a half to three months, and its cultivation method is characterized by a somewhat easy process.

The process consists in combing the soil until it is well smoothed, and then making some small holes with the finger of the hand, pouring some seeds in the hand and scattering them in the hole, and here we advise the need to keep a distance between the seed and the other, then close the hole and water the planted carrots.


One of the most prominent vegetables that can be grown indoors, tomato seeds must be grown in an environment with an appropriate amount of fertilizer and moisture, and this is done by planting them in small containers or paper cups with small holes to help drain the water. Tomato seeds take 6 to 8 weeks to start growing, so they must be planted in a warm environment with a temperature not exceeding 18 degrees Celsius.

Here, it should be noted that at first the tomatoes should be planted in seedlings and then transferred to the soil after a month, and the planting season is in the months of October and November.


The appropriate time for planting lettuce is in the early spring, and it can be harvested within a period of 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of lettuce that is being cultivated. Also, the planted pots should be placed in a sunny place on the edge of a window or on the balcony, with the need for regular watering to keep the soil moist permanently.


The radish is a fast-growing vegetable, it can be planted in the fall or winter, and the most prominent of its varieties are spherical or long, its growth period takes 35 to 80 days. As for the cultivation process, here we must advise the need to keep a sufficient distance between the furrow and the other, knowing that the furrow that is 30 or 40 cm long may produce 12 to 16 radish grains, provided that these seedlings are intact.

In addition to the need to note that if the radish is planted in cold weather, its taste will be mild, and its roots may sometimes be injured to produce small red threads instead of the radish.


It is one of the plants that can be planted at the end of winter or the beginning of spring, its roots take about two months to grow until it can be harvested, and it is distinguished by its dark color, forked leaves and colorful stems that can be exploited for home garden decoration. It is also preferable that he be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours a day, making sure that he is exposed to the air well.

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