How to create a YouTube channel and profit from it

The field of work on the Internet today has become more widespread than before, and one of the easiest areas of profit on the Internet now is to create a YouTube channel and profit from it, and this is what we will learn about in detail in this topic with a full video explanation.

Create a YouTube channel and profit from it

Creating a YouTube channel and profiting from it , the course is offered completely free of charge, and it is an intensive course with a huge amount of information, the course is presented by Eng. .

How to create a Google account and create a YouTube channel

Watch the video explanation of how to create a Gmail account, and from it we create a YouTube channel, and this matter is completely free and takes you only a few minutes

How to make a professional logo and cover for the channel

In this lesson, we will learn how to create a channel logo and create a professional cover of certain sizes, which are as follows: the channel logo size is 180 pixels long by 180 pixels wide, and the channel cover size is as follows: 2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels long, and you can download a standard image of the channel logo from here, as well You can download a standard image that shows the dimensions of the cover from here. As for the image sites used in explaining the video, these are the links to the sites. They are the pixabay site to download free, high-quality, large-sized images without rights, and the pngimg site to download free, high-quality, royalty-free png images, which are images without a background.

Adjust YouTube account settings and channel settings

In YouTube, there are two types of settings, settings for the YouTube account in general and settings for your YouTube channel. To adjust the account settings on YouTube, we click on the channel logo and choose the settings.
In this section, we learn to adjust the following:

Modifying the profile on Google, from which we can change the account logo and change the account name.
The status of the channel and its features, from which we can verify account ownership, a dashboard to know channel violations, and other features.
Adding or managing your channels, from which we can create a new channel.
View the advanced settings, from which we can know the user ID and the channel ID, and these codes we need in the event of contacting YouTube support, as well as through this tab we can transfer the current channel to a different Google account, create a custom URL or delete the channel.
Add or remove managers, and from this tab we can add a manager to the YouTube channel.
How to receive notifications from YouTube.
Playback, performance, and control of the video viewing experience.
Privacy management, from which we can activate our playlists and subscriptions to other channels.
linked accounts.
Watching on TV and this section is not for the course.
Billing and payments management, and this section will not be needed in the course.
Advanced settings This tab contains some of the aforementioned settings

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