How to create a Blogger blog and profit from it, step by step

How to create a Blogger blog and profit from it step by step. It is very easy. We will learn step by step how to create a professional Blogger blog and profit from it. But I will tell you two things, one of which is very good and the other is not so good. The good news is that you can achieve more profits than you imagined working on Blogger. As for the second thing that is not good, achieving these profits and getting more visitors to your blog is not easy.

How to create a professional Blogger blog and profit from it

I will simplify the idea for you in clear and frank words, and perhaps shocking to you and many, but it is the truth that you should thank me for telling you. My dear friend, if you entered the field of blogging as just a hobby you have or just an experience of profit from this field without experience, you love writing and you have this queen Or you are a writer of stories or an author of poems and write what comes to your mind without knowing the basics of blogging science. This is good, as you practice your favorite hobby, but unfortunately it does not make you money and you do not earn profits from it, and you will also have few visitors.

There is an important rule that you must memorize well

More visitors = more profits

Create a Blogger blog and profit from it

Creating a Blogger blog and profiting from it, many people make huge amounts of money from working on blogs, specifically the focus of our conversation today is the Blogger platform, and there are a larger number who create a blog, but it is just an amateur who works randomly. The last category profits are very small to almost non-existent.

As for a third type of people, perhaps you are one of them who hears about profit from the Internet and profit from websites and found that the easiest way to profit is to create an electronic blog and profit from it, and he is still striving to catch the tip of the thread that enables him to create a blog correctly.

Preach my friend, if you are from the second class who works in the field of blogging and does not know what is the correct method of work, or you are from the last class who seeks to enter the world of blogging on Blogger and make money from working on the Internet, then you are in the right place. You will learn in detail with video explanations How to create a professional blogger blog and profit from it.

In order to have a website, there are 4 necessary things:

1- The domain, which is the website address such as, and here there are free domains provided by the Blogger service, or buying a domain or what is called a paid domain from any domain selling company.
2- Hosting, which is the place where your site files are stored, such as a hard disk, and in our case this hosting is provided free of charge by Google.
3- The template, which is the form of the website in which it appears, and the blogger platform offers some simple blogger templates for free, and you can also get paid blogger templates from any store that sells templates.
4- The content of your site, which is the topics you publish, including texts, images, videos, audio files, etc.
If we conclude from what has been mentioned, that almost everything is free on the blogger platform, the domain, hosting, and the template, and in return these things are also more professional, but they are paid, and in fact they are of a small cost as you can buy a domain starting from $ 1 and buy a professional template starting from $ 7 Dollars, as for hosting, it is always free in Blogger.

If we assume that this website looks like a home, we will get to know its components


The domain is the home address, such as my home address is 14, Al-Jamaa District, Fayoum, Arab Republic of Egypt. This is what we call the domain name, the domain, or the address that, if we write it in the internet browser, leads us to the site, such as the following address: It connects to the Engineer Academy website. .
Hosting, which represents the piece of land on which the house is located, such as my house in the university area, with an area of 300 meters. It is land owned by the governorate. I rent it from them for a fee or for free, but it is not mine.
The mold is like a house shape from the outside, it consists of 3 floors, it has a sea balcony and an electric elevator, it is painted yellow and green, and its floors are oily marble. This is exactly what the mold means, i.e. the shape of the site.
The subjects represent the bedroom, the dining room, the library, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the iron, etc. I hope the example is clear.

We will now know what you must follow in order, and you can skip the stage that you do not need and move on to the next stage

How to create a Blogger blog and profit from it

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