Lazy loading of videos embedded in Blogger

In this topic, I will explain to you in detail how to make a lazy load of YouTube videos embedded in the Lazy Load Video blog.

Lazy Load Video

How to make lazy loading of videos embedded in Blogger

To increase the speed of the Blogger blog, there are many factors that work to increase the speed of the Blogger blog, which we mentioned in a group entitled How to speed up the blogger blog in a fabulous way

And now we are going through one of these methods in a practical way, which is by making a lazy download of the embedded video from YouTube within the topic in the Blogger blog.

 How to Lazy Load Video for YouTube Videos Embedded in Blogger Lazy Load Video

The first step: Download the first file and make copies of its content. This is a code placed before the /head tag.

The second step: copy a copy by going to the Blogger blog control panel, then appearance, then modify the html, search for the / head tag, paste the code directly above it, and then save it.

Step Three: Modify the embed code of the YouTube video you want to embed, by taking the video ID only and replacing it with the word VIDEO_ID from the following code:

<div class="youtube-player" data-id="VIDEO_ID"></div>

Step 4: Deploy and see the difference in upload speed.

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